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It is worth knowing about the trampoline –otherwise known as spring board- , that it is not only a toy for children, but for today it became a kind of sport. It is not only suitable for entertainment, but besides the improving of the constitution it has an excellent function in the co-ordinating and developing of the moving, too.

The Eurobungee – otherwise known as Bungee-Trampoline or Eurojumping- is really a trampoline installed with rubber rope. From 1 to 4 trampoline can be placed. With help of a special stretching structure you can jump up to 7-8 m high, while the gravitation stops for minutes . Anybody is able to do this acrobatic exercises, which you did not do or did not dare to do so far. The toy can be used by both the children and adults, by both young ones and old ones. It is a great entertainment, unforgettable experience for the whole family.


5m x 3m


Circle 12 m2

Eurobungee with 1 Trampoline

5m x 6m

Eurobungee with 4 Trampolines

12m x 12m


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Trampoline, Eurobungee

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